Cypress Creek Retreat was built in 2010. The property was formerly used for ranching.   The nearby community of Cypress Mill was settled in the 1880's.  Many of the settlers were German families whose descendants still work these ranches.  Cypress Mill  has an active church, Saint Luke's Episcopal Church.

    Driving to Cypress Creek Retreat from Austin you will cross Hammetts Crossing, a low water crossing of the Pedernales River on Hamilton Pool Road.  This crossing has been used since the days of the stagecoach. 

12 miles south of Round Mountain is Johnson City, hometown of Lyndon Johnson. 

Cypress Creek
Cypress Creek in the spring
Cypress Creek
 Cypress Creek.in the spring
Cypress Creek Retreat     
8207 Hammetts Crossing Round Mountain, TX 78663  (830) 825-3111 or email: